Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

zNID 2400A Series Indoor GPON ONT: ZNID-GPON-2402A, 2403A, 2424A, 2425A, 2426A & 2427A

Zhone’s indoor residential 2400A Series GPON ONT’s are designed for
advanced triple-play deployments in Fiber-to-the-Home/Premise
applications. The indoor models in Zhone’s zNID product line of ONT’s
provide a lower cost alternative to outdoor ONT solutions. The small
package contains many features including QoS, VoIP, and multicast video
support. The series include four 10/100/1000Mbps LAN Ports, two POTS
Voice FXS ports, one USB port, and optional WiFi (with internal
antennas) in a compact enclosure for indoor use.

Supporting industry standard SIP and MGCP voice signaling provides
reliable voice services. Zhone’s experience with packet voice ensures
interoperability and support with a large number of soft switches. The
four Ethernet ports can be separated into different services allowing the
configuration of dedicated ports for IP video and data.

With wire-speed routing, a web UI for local management, and support for
Zhone’s CPE Management system, the Zhone GPON ONT solution paired
with the MXK OLT is an efficient way to extend bandwidth intensive
services to the network edge using standard Ethernet frames.
The GPON 2400A Series ONTs can be either wall mounted inside the
home or placed freestanding on a desktop,

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